Release on January 2016

For the last few days we have fixed a number of issues with Retiffy Certification management. Here is a full list

  • Adding the separator semicolon – “;”. CSV from excel use such separators

Microsoft Excel barely follows any standards and for a Comma Separated Values file separates the values with semicolons. Strange, but they do it. So we have added support for such files when they are separated with “;”. Just upload the files as usual and generate the certificates.


  • Removing the New Certificate Button

Certificates can now be created only from CSV documents. The New Certificate button used for single certificates is now deprecated and removed. It was barely used productively.


  • If an owner is given more than once in the csv only one association is made with the user

If you give more then once the same email for a certificate than the certificate will be associated only once with the email. Not twice.


  • Making the default scope My. This means that a users by default sees only his/her templates

By default the user now sees only his/her templates and not all the templates at


  • File name longer than 30 symbols does not throw error but is truncated

This was an internal error. The file names were not truncated appropriately.

  • Fixing error on editing message template

Error was occurring and users could not edit the message template.

  • Improving the work of the instances export

Easier select from the drop down menu on what should be exported


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