I am issuing paper certificates. Is this enough to build credibility?

Paper certificates are a great tool to build credibility. But often after receiving them we put them into a folder and into a cabinet and truth be told – we forget about them. Although they are a good memory, your organization could not benefit from their main goal – to present the new knowledge to the world so that you could build more credibility and attract more clients.

This is where electronic verifiable certificates from Retiffy step in. They could be downloaded and printed, but they could also be shared and tracked.

A few years ago we personally tried giving paper certificates to out students. Printed on a white paper and put into a plastic they looked really beautiful. Here is one of them:


Paper in this case meant “invisible to more then a few people”

What we noticed is that after students receive them only their parent and probably siblings see the certificates. This, we thought, was definitely not fair for the efforts  the student has put. So we start issuing paper and electronic certificates to our students. And even today we issue electronic certificates, we print them, hand them out to the students and after that send them on their email.

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