“We did issue certificates in the past – but it was too much work for our small volunteer staff. “

Client: We did issue certificates in the past – but we printed them ourselves and mailed them and it was too much work for our small volunteer staff.  I will check out Retiffy and see if it would work for us.

We have just received an email with the above question. It seems the team at this organization has understood the importance of online certificates and the management of the certification process. They were also sending an email to each participant with his certificate, but it probably was a very tedious process.

This is something we also found out a few years ago and build Retiffy especially for this need. We wanted to easily just upload a spreadsheet of the participants and make everything else automatic. Retiffy generates the certificates, sends the emails to the students and tracks their popularity on the Internet. And since we are feeling the same pain we have made it really easy.

This is what we answered our customer:

“We had similar problem in the school of Robotics in the past. Filling 20 certificates by hand was a chore.

Now it takes a few clicks: we have all students info in a spreadsheet, we upload that spreadsheet in the application and the certificates are generated. 
I lose most of my time in the copy store to print them for the kids graduating the class :-D


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