Report errors on uploaded document

This week I would like to present you with the latest feature of Retiffy.

The feature

With the latest version of Retiffy, when you are creating certificates from a CSV document or spreadsheet, if there are any errors on certain rows, this errors will be reported to you.

Lets say that you have forgotten to set a template . There is no way for Retiffy to know which certificate template to use for the new certificate. So we are reporting this error and we are creating certificates for the other rows.

Example for a mistaken row in a CSV could be seen below:


And this is the result you would get from Retiffy:

As you could see from the picture there were 0 certificates created and 1 error occurred. There is also a description of the error and on which row was this error found.

InvalidCsvResultWe hope this new feature will make it easier for you and us to quickly create our new certificates.

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