What is an electronic certificate?

Quite many people ask us what is electronic certificate. They all know certificates, but what is the hype to turn everything into “electronic”? In the last week we answered that question so many times that we feel like it would help other people if we write the answers down and publish them.

Electronic certificate is issued by you, using Retiffy, and is entirely digital. After issuing, it could be downloaded, printed and shared. It is customized to your organization and it is securely stored and accessed.

Below you can find a diagram (click to expand) of a real certificate used in School of robotics “Robopartans” (a premium partner).
e-certificate diagram
Structure of an electronic certificate (click to expand)

Each electronic certificate has a:

  • unique number that could be used for checking the certificate
  • unique URL on the Internet that could be used for sharing
  • fields like name, city, date, description and others depending on its purpose
  • custom branding exactly for you organization

Since a certificate is available on the Internet search engines do index it and your organization would be found more easily in user searches. And your participants can easily build online portfolio with their achievemtns if they like to.
(Note: certificate visibility could be configured. Read our Privacy Policy)

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