Personal ranks on a certificate

We have the following problem. We would like to put a rank on each of our students that is unique for this student. The rank is a graphical element that is added directly on the certificate. In this way certificates are much more personalized.

This are the four ranks we have come up with.

rank5 rank6 rank7 rank8






With the latest version of Retiffy you could include only one of the ranks on the certificate, by uploading a CSV containing a column ‘rank’ with value 5,6,7,8. You could use this feature for marks, ranks, personal pictures and others. You could also choose your own styles of rank for your own certificates.

To implement it in your certificates you need two things:

  • Create a group of objects in the SVG


  • Add a title on the group in the form of #{unique:name:id} (as shown on the picture) where:
    1. “unique” is special word,
    2. “name” is the value of the column when creating certificates
    3. “id” is the value of the column “name” for the given certificate
  • Upload a CSV spreadsheet containing a column “name” with values for each certificate the corresponding “id”


Here is an example of how one of our certificates look like


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